September 24th-28th at ISP Supplies Headquarters
10770 Highway 30 Suite 200, College Station, Texas 77845

ISP Supplies has partnered with Safety LMS to bring our customers a one stop shop for
their OSHA, First Aid, Rigging and Climbing Safety Training Certification. Powered by Safety LMS*.
CALL (512) 710-5000 OR EMAIL [email protected] TO REGISTER FOR CLASSES
About Our Event
This course is built with the tower climber or rigger in mind.

ISP Supplies and SafetyLMS have partnered to bring a training program that offers the most complete, easy to manage, and effective training possible for our customers. With that goal in mind, we created an ISP exclusive Tower Training Certification that covers OSHA training, tower climbing, safety and rescue, fall protection, and rigging. The objective of our course is to create a simple solution for our customers, to be able to educate their employees with the right training to ensure that each day they make it home safely. Safety LMS is a premier training provider in the Telecom industry. Their Climber/Rescuer training includes classroom and practical exams, which require the student to demonstrate the knowledge and practical skills to safely perform at-height elevated work. Safety LMS’s commitment to their customers is to offer the most up-to-date curriculum on the market, according to regulations and standards that govern our industry. Training is very important to us, and this certification is a valuable opportunity to reduce the number of accidents and teach our students safe work practices.

Basic Equipment List
Basic Equipment List

In need of safety equipment or have questions whether your equipment meets the required standards? Please contact GME Supply at 800-940-6762 and reference ISP Tower Training to ensure you get the required equipment for the class. We work closely with the Gear Experts at GME Supply and have a preferred discount program set up. Following Equipment is required:

  • Y-Lanyards
  • Spreader Bar
  • Descent Device (1 per crew)
  • Wire Rope Grab
  • Harness with Dorsal and Sternal D-Rings and a Saddle
  • Helmet w/ Chin Strap
  • Positioning Lanyard
  • Steel Toed Boots
  • 4 Carabiners
Topics Include

The ISP Tower Training curriculum is designed to help you and your company establish a safe work environment, work practices, and the implementation of emergency procedures. We are committed to ensuring that all of our students meet the unique qualifications needed for working at height.

  • Fall Protection Regulations (Climber/Rescuer class)
  • Types of Rescues (Classroom | Practically – Climber | Rescuer Class)
  • Rigging Regulations (Competent Rigging Class)
  • Calculating Rigging Loads (Competent Rigging Class)
  • Rigging Plan Development (Competent Rigging Class)
Our Instructors
Curriculum and training built off real world experience.
John Paul Jones
John Paul Jones
President of Safety LMS
JP is a founding partner of Safety LMS, and oversees all curriculum and training activities.
Cody Jones
Cody Jones
Training Center Manager
Cody has over 8 years of telecom experience, specializing in steel erection, helicopter lifts, and broadcast tower work.
To register for classes, contact Benjamin Bowman at 512-710-5000 or email at [email protected]

If you have any questions about this event, please contact ISP Supplies Marketing Director, Violeta Thompson at 855-947-7776 ext 9213 or email at [email protected]

The Schedule
ISP Tower Training is a comprehensive
tower climbing safety training program.
OSHA 10 | $200
Monday 8am-5pm and Tuesday 8am-11am
Red Cross First Aid | CPR & BBP | $150
Tuesday 12pm-5pm
Competent Rigging | $500
Wednesday 8am-4.30pm
Competent Climber | Rescuer (Classroom) | $1000
Thursday 8am-5pm
Competent Climber | Rescuer (Tower)
Friday 8am-5pm
Bundle All Courses For $1850 (regular price $2740)
*This course is lead, furnished offered and operated by Safety LMS and they are solely responsible for those that attend.
ISP Supplies is not responsible for the content, materials, equipment or the safety of the course.
What people say about us.

Safety LMS has enjoyed a meteoric ride to the top of the list of training companies in the tower industry. This is not because of some piece of great PR but because they really know what they are talking about. The staff and management of Safety LMS are steeped in experience in the telecommunications industry. Most have worked for years doing the same things you and I do. They also understand that true training is not just an introduction to material, but rather true training is mastery of that material and knowing how to apply it!

Dave Anthony, CEO Shenandoah Tower Service
What people say about us.

As far as the class is concerned, I would say that it was top-notch all the way and ranks up there as one of, if not the, very best classes I have ever been a part of. JP did an excellent job in the classroom going over all the rules and regulations in a way that didn’t put you to sleep. I can honestly say that this was the most thorough training I’ve ever done, and I learned a ton of new things on topics I thought I already knew pretty well.

Kolby Burke, Design Engineer, KPFF Consulting Engineers
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